How many times do you have to remember a PASSWORD ?


Every time you logon to a site its another one.

Even using the same one all the time is unachievable, sometimes they have be to 6 letters other times a minimum of 7 or they must have letters and numbers then case sensativity and on and on with the differences ...
Then what if you are away from your base and the written down reminders ?

Now there is the obvious solution PASS2KEEP.COM

All you have to remember is a letter a 3 digit number and from anywhere in the world you will have access to all your stored passwords
IMPORTANT !!. All data is encripted and totaly unreadable to an person other than yourself
Can you make head or tale of 8†‹Ž;€|};Ž}Ž<ŠMzH~‡ˆ;}Ž8‚};‘‹}8‰|…€ I can't

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